Participation in the 25th Founder Talk of the EXIST Transfer of Research

We had the opportunity to participate in the 25th EXIST Founder Talk in Berlin, an event exclusively designed for start-ups fostered by the EXIST Transfer of Research programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The overarching theme of the event was Financing for Start-ups. The engaging keynote presentations and speeches delivered valuable insights into the diverse approaches to designing financing strategies for young companies. They did not only cover best practices for creating financial plans but also shed light on the key factors investors carefully consider before making investment decisions. The subsequent start-up pitches, which included direct feedback from seasoned founders and investors, exemplified these strategic approaches in action. The EXIST Transfer of Research programme has been instrumental in the growth of our company by providing us with the resources and connections necessary to succeed in the start-up landscape. We express our gratitude for this great opportunity and are excited to leverage the knowledge and experience gained from the Founder Talk to further propel our business forward.